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  • Product Overview

    Digicom System Co. Ltd develops products that enhance your return on investment in Microsoft Dynamics ERP, CRM and Document Management solution (Dynamic SharePoint 2013) while leveraging the SharePoint platform. We offer cost effective, out-of-the-box products as well as build custom SharePoint solutions to meet your unique business requirements. Digicom Systems being a leading system integrator in Saudi Arab, Dubai, Dublin help customers maximize productivity, improve access to information and enhance communication and collaboration to provide additional revenue opportunities within their marketplace. Digicom Sytems's out-of-the-box SharePoint solution bring tremendous functionality and huge savings to Expense Management, Invoice Automation, workflows, Requisition Management etc.

    Digicom System provides key benefits to organisation using Dynamic SharePoint 2013

    • Outlook integration for ease of review and approval
    • Receipt image capture on mobile device
    • Manage purchasing, expenses and invoices online with single point of data entry
    • Integrated exclusively with ERP solution of Microsoft, Oralce, SAP
    • Customizable workflow to mirror your corporate policies

    DIgicom Systems Help you to Choose Which Microsoft Dynamic ERP Fits Your Business

    SharePoint 2013 Site

    Dynamics SharePoint 2013 Site

  • Features

    With Microsoft® SharePoint® 2010 as your business collaboration platform, you can empower your people to work together more effectively—and more intelligently. Your employees can use an extensive array of tools to help them share information, organizational knowledge, and personal expertise. And your organization can manage security levels and usage policies.


    Organisation & Collaboration

    • Create Project Web Sites - Self-service portals let your teams create online workspaces tailored to your organization's needs.
    • Manage Document Revisions - Document libraries with enforced policy prevent the ambiguity of multiple email versions.
    • Enforce Branding through Document Templates - Document libraries also allow for creating documents from templates, to ensure your team always uses the most recent version.

    Organisation & Business Intelligence

    • One Dashboard for Multiple Line-of-Business Applications - SharePoint connects to any major Line-of-Business application to allow key metrics to be displayed together.
    • Provide Knowledge to the Entire Organization - With the proper security, SharePoint web portals can provide knowledge captured in one area of the organization, to other team members.

    Organisation & Enterprise Search

    • MSN Live Search for Your Business - SharePoint's search capabilities give you the features and indexing of major internet search engines, but is focused on returning your company’s internal documents.
    • Retrieve Results from Multiple Sources - Results can be returned to one place from any number of web sites (even your competitors'!), shared file drives and even line-of-business applications.
    • Security in Top Priority - Search capabilities in SharePoint inherit your Windows security policy, so items are only returned in search results if the viewer has access.

    Organisation & Workflow

    • Act On Changing Information - When items are added or changed in lists throughout SharePoint, an industry-standard rules engine can route them throughout the organization, and even gather feedback or approval.
    • Enforce Process - Making a process automatic and, therefore, easier to follow, makes it more likely the process will be followed.
  • Features

    Digicom Systems Document Management & Content Management SolutionsDigicom Systems’s collaborative SharePoint applications can bring tremendous efficiency to your organization, keeping teams connected in real time and arming managers with access to dashboards and performance metrics with a mere click. With Microsoft SharePoint as your business collaboration platform, you can empower your people to work together more effectively and more intelligently. Your employees can use an extensive array of tools to help them share information, organizational knowledge, and personal expertise.


    Top 10 Features of SharePoint 2013

    • Powerful, reliable server platform – designed to perform for a great of applications and services while suffering minimal downtime.
    • Powerful, fast search engine – search for docs and via metadata
    • Social – create communities, follow documents, share content and save locally Collaboration – co-authoring, versioning, check in/checkout
    • Flexible web server – serves up documents for different types of end user devices
    • Document & Content Management – the Design manager, multisite publishing, along improve SEO performance
    • Scalable infrastructure – build and add apps and services Managing corporate risk by managing corporate documents and records
    • Workflows – Windows Azure workflow service runs separately keeping SharePoint more stable
    • Office 365 integration – The world’s standard in office productivity is hard to ignore.

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